This is a blog of my study thoughts from the Bible.  Hebrews 13:9 tells us not to get led astray by strange and diverse teachings, for it is good for our hearts to be strengthened by grace.  I am strengthened by the Word and hope that you can get the same strength and courage from it as well.

My posts for the last few months have been devotionals written as follow up material for women in jail and prison who are interested in learning more about Jesus and the Bible.

If interested, I have some self published books on Lulu.com.  Two of them are published devotionals that are based off of many of my posts.  One is “Food for the Soul,” and it takes you through 45 Old Testament daily devotionals, complete with some explanation and application questions.  The second was just finished, “More Food for the Soul,” with 78 New Testament daily devotionals.  They are meant to put into people’s hands to get them into the Bible, to help them to understand it and to put it into practice.

There are also 3 books that take you chronologically through Jesus’ life, “Jesus Changes Everything and He is Changing Me.”  The 4th one takes you through the book of Acts.  I wrote these for a gal that became a Christian in jail and was then in prison for two years.  Another woman who now is a new believer was just sentenced to 25 years.  So maybe I’ll have studies labeled, “Year 1,” “Year 2,” …We’ll see where God takes us!

To get to my books, type MH Anderson into the search box.  8 books will come up.  They are priced hopefully low enough to put into people’s hands, or into your hands.  May God strengthen your heart with His grace.

A little more about me…I am an Elementary Principal and have been a school counselor as well.  Before that I worked in youth ministries for several years.  I have Masters Degrees in School Administration and Counseling, a post graduate degree in Child and Adolescent Mental Health and I also went to a graduate Bible school for a couple of years, earning a graduate certificate in Biblical Studies.  I live in the north woods of Wisconsin with my husband and cats.  I lead Bible studies in our local County jail, and have for many years now.  We are actively involved in our local church and are working toward opening a “House of Refuge” for women once they get out of jail or prison.

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