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Finding God in the Middle of the ‘Why’


I know that You can do all things, and no purpose of Yours can be thwarted.  Job 42:2

This is Job’s declaration at the end of not just a very bad day, but a bad stretch of years.  Job was God’s showcase to Satan that Job didn’t just serve God because of his riches and bountifully blessed life.  God wanted to prove to Satan that Job served and worshiped Him because of His character.  In a short stretch of time Job  his kids and his cattle all died.  Then he was afflicted with boils, and lots of them.

In the midst of this time of affliction, Job’s friends and wife accused Job of having some hidden sin to cause this.  God didn’t make sense to Job, but Job hung in there.  But he wanted answers to the questions of “why.”  God never told Job, but in the closing chapters of the book we see that God gave Job a view of God’s majesty in creation.

This verse was a part of Job’s response, saying in effect: “You are so big and I am so small.  Who am I to question such a magnificent and all-knowing God?”  There are times when God is silent in our lives and we may ask the same questions found in the book of Job.  Job never gave up on God or on searching for answers.  But in the middle of that quest, he didn’t get answers–He got God.

At a “Women of Faith” conference, Thelma Wells told of her daughter who was in her 30’s and single.  Her daughter told Thelma of her questioning of God and her distress over still being single.  She asked her mother to pray for her.  Thelma told her, “I’ll pray for you, but not for you to get married.  I will pray that you would fall madly in love with Jesus.”

Her daughter went away offended, thinking she already was in love with Jesus.  But her mother’s words spurred her on to spending large chunks of time with God over a period of months.  About a year later she came back to her mother and told her how God had totally changed her through that process and said, “Now I am madly in love with Jesus and it has changed me.”  She did get married not long after that.

Are you madly in love with Jesus?  Are you searching for the answer to something that has interrupted your life?  How can you find God in the middle of this quest, so that you can say with Job, “You’re God and I’m not.  Have Your way with me.  I trust You.”

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God’s Providence

As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today.  Genesis 50:20

Joseph is the one who uttered these words to his brothers.  If you haven’t read the story of Joseph, it is a must read!  It is told in Genesis chapters 37-50.  The general plot is this: Joseph was one of twelve sons of Jacob.  Jacob’s tree is the family line that Jesus comes through.  Joseph’s brothers didn’t like him and sold him to slave traders from Egypt. Despite the bad set of circumstances, Joseph had dreams from God that kept him trusting that there was somehow a plan.

He ended up being put in prison unjustly.  While there Joseph interpreted some very important dreams.  When he interpreted the Pharaoh’s dreams about times of plenty followed by times of famine, Joseph was placed as second in command of all Egypt.

When famine struck, his brothers came to Egypt asking for food.  The same guys that wanted to kill Joseph and seemingly wrecked his life were asking for a favor.  Once Joseph revealed who he was, they were no doubt thinking they were in for pay back once their father Jacob died.  In Genesis 50:20 Jacob is dead and they think trouble is ahead.

Then Joseph speaks these profound words of forgiveness and trust in God’s providence: you meant it for evil, but God meant it for good.  He used it to save your lives, and our whole family’s lives.  Joseph must have had words from God to lead him to this conclusion and not be bent on revenge.

providenceThere are so many ways this truth of God’s providence applies to our lives.  God does have a plan that He is working out for each of us.  We don’t have to resort to a victim mentality or give up on God when things don’t make sense.  Hold on.  God is good and He loves those He calls and adopts as His children.  That’s us.  That’s you.  Take hope in that today.  Trust God, obey Him and regardless, follow His footsteps in the dark.